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PPTF activities

  • build structures and relations between Consortium Members;
  • build structures and relations between PPTF and external entities as well as EU organisations, in particular with PHOTONICS21 platform;
  • represent the interests of Consortium Members before national and European administration;
  • define research areas and subjects that Consortium Members are interested in;
  • create working teams and groups dealing with a specific subject;
  • apply for subsidies for PPTF operations;
  • implement joint undertakings, including joint research, build and equip laboratories, purchase and sell research and measuring instruments, hardware, software, purchase and sell know-how and technologies, cooperate in the supply chain (supplier–customer) and make the infrastructure available;
  • implement joint research and development projects, including those with the involvement of external entities;
  • gather information and knowledge related to the operations of Consortium Members;
  • promote Consortium Members through joint preparation of a marketing offer and by attending fairs, symposia and conferences;
  • search for new markets;
  • maintain the website, organise thematic workshops, trainings, hold consultations, provide access to information and develop databases in the area of photonics. 

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

28 Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego St.

03-982 Warsaw, Poland



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