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Workshop on Photonics in smart farming and foresting

Dodano: 14.02.2017

On 9th of march 2017 workshop on photonics in smart farming and foresting was held in the Physics Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology and organized by Polish Technological Platform on Photonics.

Agriculture and forest are most natural and critical economy part. The farming affects on our environment not less than industry. The unreasonable usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides causes great damages or changes in natural environment. Contemporary technology enables us to use above supporting means in more reasonable way. To do that the current control of forest and plants states is needed. It can be done with optoelectronics systems.


Poland is one the biggest producer of wood and fruits. Photonic technology is the chance for improving the efficiency of this National Economy branch.


Event schedule:

14:00   Lunch  

14:30   Welcome

              prof. dr hab. inż. Tomasz Woliński, prof. dr hab. inż. Mirosław Karpierz,

 14:35   Announcement of results and prize-giving for the best thesis in field of

              photonic on Physics Faculty

14:45   Introduction

             dr Tomasz Mirosław

14:50   Using spatial analysis of images to assessment of  forest areas condition.   

             Data classification.

             dr hab. Tomasz Nurek, dr hab. inż. Zychowicz

15:10    Prediction stages of  the weeds growth state in crop fields using nonlinear

             image analysis        

             dr hab. inż. Adam Ekielski                  

14:30   Application of image processing to automatic online fruits ripeness

             segmentation and yield measurement of fruits

             dr hab. inż. Adam Ekielski      

15:50   Photonics Industry for smart farming

             dr Tomasz Mirosław, dr Adam Piotrowski, dr Piotr Sobotka

16:20   Founding Programs for smart farming

16:40   Q&A session (refreshment)

17:00   Team working on photonics strategy for foresting and farming

17:45    Conclusion

18:00   Event Closing


Place: Physics Faculty on Main Campus of Warsaw University of Technology, Building number 9, Auditorium of Physics

All presentations are avaliable here:

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics



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