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PPTF's Council of Representatives meeting

Dodano: 09.03.2016

On 8th March 2016 another meeting of the Council of Representatives of Polish Technological Platform on Photonics was held in the headquarters of PCO S.A.

The meeting was led by PPTF Coordinator – Ryszard Kardasz, CEO of PCO S.A. The first point of the meeting was PPTF’s third year operating statement submitted by PPTF Coordinator. Document of the statement was unanimously accepted by the Council during the vote.


During the meeting three new Consortium Members were welcomed - InPhoTech sp. Ltd., CEZAMAT PW Ltd. and Fibrain Ltd. whose representatives presented basic information, achievements and activities of their companies to the Council.


The remaining topics which were discussed during the meeting concerned works on photonics sectoral program in Poland and PPTF’s participation in the upcoming, international photonics events.

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics



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