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Instytut Elektrotechniki

Instytut Elektrotechniki

ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 55/61
50-369 Wrocław
tel. 71 328 30 61

The Institute of Electrotechnology is one of the largest Institutes in Poland. Since the moment of its establishment in 1946, the Institute of Electrotechnology is a leading unit in Poland in the area of cooperation with industry, involved in construction and improvement of manufactured and operated electrotechnical products. Despite many difficulties encountered in the period of political transformation, the Institute was able to adjust to the changes in the structure of the Polish industry without abandoning its priority operation, i.e. cooperation with small and medium enterprises.


As soon as Poland joined the European Union, the Institute started making efforts to stimulate cooperation with national and European entities through active use of EU Structural Funds.

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics



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